New Cards!

I’m really happy with how these Balloon Cards came out.  

The image is based on a photograph of my friend’s daughter.  She and her pal were playing in the park under an umbrella.  But I decided balloons were more fun to draw.  Pop over to the Other Such Things store to check them out. 

Speaking of, Other Such Things has a new shop banner.  I had actually recently updated it, but after reading this article on Mint by Kim Ludy (from the vintage shop Trampoline) about product photos, I decided to rethink things a bit.  Kim made some really good points about a shop’s visual continuity.   I really did like my then-new header, but it didn’t make much sense in the theme of the shop really.  I think the new header ties in the products wood backgrounds.  

It’s simple and clean, which I like as well.  I’m not totally in love with it, but its a step in the right direction.   I also took new wide shots of the cards.  I had this before:

I like elements of it– the curtain pattern, that blue and green together– but again, it doesn’t really go with the whole look.  So now I have this:

It isn’t a perfect solution.  I really wanted to show the cards in a frame. –They’re postcards, but they look so great framed!– But its getting closer.  If you’ve got a minute, head on over to Other Such Things and tell me what you think.

4 Responses to “New Cards!”

  1. mint Says:

    Hi, thanks for the link to Mint and I’m so glad you found Kim’s advice helpful! I’m amazed at the way you put it into practice — your new header is great and the difference between the two product shots, WOW! All the best to you, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing the results immediately.

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks so much! Yeah the article was super timely for me. Thanks for making that happen! Your blog is just lovely by the way.

  3. my trampoline Says:

    bravo! seriously…nice work. so great to see product photo before and afters….

    hey ellie…i think i have an idea for another post….

  4. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks Kim. I’m still drooling over everything in your shop…
    I would love to see other people’s before and afters! That would be really fun.

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