The Garden Grows Green Green Green

Remember a month ago we made those raised beds and planted all those seeds?  Well, a bit to my surprise, everything is actually growing!  Probably greatly helped by the plentiful summer showers we’ve been having the last few weeks.  See what I mean?  

For those of you who need more garden happiness, there are more over on Flickr.  

By the way, how is everyone doing on their Modish Biz Tips Goals?  Hmmm.

6 Responses to “The Garden Grows Green Green Green”

  1. jennygordy Says:

    hey, thanks for the comment you posted on my blog. you are sweet, and i hope i didn’t hurt your feelings! thanks for being so understanding.

    : ) jenny

  2. jennygordy Says:

    oh, and by the way, i love your garden! i really want to do this same thing in my back yard too.

  3. Margarita Says:

    oh my gosh your garden looks absolutely lovely!

  4. andothersuchthings Says:

    Thanks Ladies!
    You should totally do it, Jenny! Its been pretty rewarding…

  5. Anna Says:

    There’s something so innocent and pure and just joyful about baby lettuce. I love the ladybug! And from having had gardens when was I was a kid, the smell of tomato plants is embedded into my favorite smell memory drawer.

  6. gaia Says:

    mmm I love that smell too…! I know– the little lettuce guys seem so happy!

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