Waking Up


I’m thinking I need to find a morning ritual again. I seem to have slid away from anything not resembling gulping down coffee, throwing on whatever clothes and then immediately starting work.  I do wash the dishes every morning while listening to NPR.  Which I love.  But maybe if I woke up a little earlier and I’d actually have some time to wake up.  Figure out what I’m doing that day.  Just be quiet before it all starts.  

When we first moved to Providence, I had breakfast in the nook by our living room bay windows.  I guess because it was so cold in there during the winter I stopped doing it.   But now the leaves are out on the trees and sun comes pouring in.  I think its time to enjoy sitting there again.  

I also miss crocheting.  Its getting hot though (or was– this week is chilly and wet,) and big projects aren’t so fun in the heat.  But maybe a little square a day?  Sitting in the window, with coffee and a cat, watching the leaves?  Seems like that would be a nice way for my brain to wake up.  

Do you have a morning “ritual”?

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