June Goals

Time for June Goals with Modish Biz Tips.  

1. Send out Newsletter announcing Other Such Things online shop!  

2.  Research specifics for new kid product.   If it seems doable, plan out and work on the drawings for it. 

3.  Contact Thumbtack Press and possibly others to see if they’re interested in carrying any of my work as prints.    

4. Get my two promo postcards printed and mailed out.  I decided to go with my “Balloon” image and “Garden” image after all.    

5.  Contact two blogs about my online shop. 

6.  Add new work to site and HAI!


10 Responses to “June Goals”

  1. glademade Says:

    Good Luck this month! You can do it!

  2. Anna Says:

    Happy goal-doing! I love the illustration with the beet and cutting the beets – it gives me such a happy feeling. Your work is incredible if I may say so!

  3. Cyn and Scout the Dog at RiverDog Prints Says:

    Good luck with your goals, Gaia. Dig the photo of the paws in your header!

  4. Laura. Says:

    wheee! good luck with your goals this month, those paws are great!

  5. Nicole (Three By Sea) Says:

    Good luck with everything this month!

  6. perideaudesigns Says:

    Good luck!

  7. gaia Says:

    Wow Thanks so much everybody! I was away this weekend, but now I’m off to see what everyone else is up to goal-wise this month!

  8. glitterysah Says:

    Good luck with your June goals, looks like you’ve ticked one off already which is more than I can say! Look forward to seeing how you get on at the end of the month,

    Glitterysah x

  9. Jennie from Cravings Frocks Says:

    Just dropping in from the modish goals list. Your goals sound very reasonable, good luck with meeting them all!

  10. gaia Says:

    Thanks Jennie! Yeah I’ve been trying to keep my goal lists realistic. Especially since I always seem to add more to it as the month goes on…

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