Its Friday.

This weekend is all about gardening.  We’ve decided to go ahead and plant a vegetable garden despite the high levels of lead in our backyard– gross, but common here.  Among other causes, these old houses are smothered in lead paint.  So that means raised beds!  And ridiculous amounts of new soil.  We have taken care of the extremely heavy job of purchasing said soil.  But we still have to build the beds and actually dump the soil in them.

 And you know, plant some seeds.  

Cross your fingers for us.  

P.S. Aren’t those tulips crazy?  We spotted them in McGorlick Park in Brooklyn.

2 Responses to “Its Friday.”

  1. Margarita Says:

    Gorgeous! Tulips are my favorite 🙂

    Miss ya, girl. Glad you have a blog now so I can get my Gaia-updates online.

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    yeah they were amazing. They almost hurt your eyes! I hope you’re well sweetie!

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