Color Inspiration

 We watched Let The Right One In a couple days ago.  And I loved it.  Which is hilarious as Mr G had to basically cajole me into watching it.  I was balking at the idea of watching some gory slasher film.  Which it definitely had elements of.   But even though some parts were very scary, it was totally worth it.  ( I have a pretty low tolerance for scariness: Reruns of Buffy were making me jump last night.)  

I loved the slow pacing, still atmosphere and the snowy-white Swedish landscapes counterbalancing the viciousness and ferocity of this little girl eating dinner.  But more to the point, for our purposes here, it is visually lovely.  Every shot is gorgeous.  The color palate is perfection.  I could go on and on.  But I went searching and found these stills so you can see what I mean:  

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