Still working on my goals for the Monthly Goal Meetup at Modish Biz Tips.  Now that I’m actually getting them done, I’m realizing some of them need to be amended a bit.  Isn’t that always the way?  For example:

Goal 2. Go over and update contact list.  

I should really differentiate my email from my mailing contact lists.  They’re two different animals, at least right now.  I (should) have several email lists, clients and business contacts, friends and family, and then the businesses/art directors I’d like to contact individually.  My (new) mailing list will include a few of my existing clients, but mostly will be reaching out to new clients.  Hopefully in the future these will meld a bit, but since my work is a little different, I’m trying to reach new and different clients. 


Goal 2 A.  Go over and update email contact lists.

Goal 2 B. Go over and update mailing list. 

 And then there are the goals that take more than one step to accomplish.  Because I’m basically five years old, crossing out steps is really motivating for me, so I should add those in.  

Goal3. Finish designing postcard mailer, get it printed and mailed.  

Its on its way to the printers but let me add :

•Buy stamps and labels. 

•Print out labels and stick them on.

And Goal 6. List two new items on Etsy.  Let’s add

• Pick two items that would be A fun to produce, B. cost effective, C. Relatively easy.  

•Come up with price points for them.  

• Make, or have them made. 

• Photos.

• Figure out shipping materials. 

See? It will be way more fun to cross off  seven things, than just two.  And it will help me stay on track.

Anyways… I’m crossing things off slowly but surely.  

On another note, the image above is one of my new ones.  I’m hoping my backyard will look like that in a few months!



3 Responses to “Seedlings”

  1. Julia Staples Says:

    I love your blog! Every time I check it out I am so happy to hear what you are doing and I love your marketing tips. I am freaking out right now about goals. I have way too many and can never get any of them done. I am going to reshape my goals in June! I am buying some books right now that you have recommended!

    I miss you. I am SO looking forward to July. I´ll be in RI for about two weeks.


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