Goals with Modish

The wonderful blog Modish Biz Tips is having a Monthly Goal Meetup  the first Friday of every month.  She’s asking people to list 5 business-related goals to meet within a month.  

So here are mine:

1.  Contact 3 illustration agents in regards to repping me.

2. Go over and update contact list.

3. Finish designing postcard mailer, get it printed and mailed.

4. Email contact list announcing new site and new work, asking if they’d like to be on my mailing list.

5. Get “Hello” postcard printed. (That’s it at the top.)

6. List two new items on Etsy. 

7. Outline a 6 month marketing plan for myself.

8. Update my site and Hire an Illustrator with new work.

These are all little(ish) naggling things that I kind of dread doing.  Mostly.  I hope they’re the kind of things that are not so bad, or even fun, once I get going.  

I think putting your goals out there  is a great thing to be doing.  My friend Jane and I have been having regular meetings to talk and keep ourselves on track.  Last year in Brooklyn I was in a similar group who met every two or three weeks to discuss progress on our individual projects.  I’m excited to have one more outlet to keep myself moving in the right direction!


5 Responses to “Goals with Modish”

  1. Anna Says:

    Just wanted to say I love your “hello” illustration. The peaceful image of leaves coming out of the chimney is so special. I hope you have fun with your goal list!

  2. gaia Says:

    Thanks Anna! I’m excited to get it printed…

  3. Liz Says:

    Hi Gaia, found you thru Jena’s Modish Biz Tips and the Goals Group… great list, the 6 month marketing plan is something I need to add to my list too… but I always leave it till last and push it till next month… You are an amazing illustrator!

  4. gaia Says:

    Hi Liz,
    Yup, that is (was?) totally my problem too! But I’m trying to reform. Thanks for the kind words…
    I tried your link, but it didn’t work..?

  5. gaia Says:

    oh just missing a “dot”! got it!

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