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Header change…

March 1, 2009

While I’m doing a portfolio update, I thought a bit of tweaking to my actual site might be nice as well.  Unfortunately, I’m not up for a total overhaul, but happily, I think the general design holds up still.  I would like to change the header a bit though.  

This is what the portfolio page looks like now:



And I’m thinking something like this?


So basically replacing the bird.  And I guess changing the font color(s?).

Is that too crazy? Cluttered? It sure isn’t subtle.  I tried this design with more muted versions of the colors and it seemed… lacking.  

Like the colors were muted.

Part of me kind of likes it and I feel like I could make it work with some tweaking– so you didn’t lose my name etc.  But I think I’ll try some other color variations, but also work up some new designs as well.

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