Oscar Countdown

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The Oscars are tomorrow– do you have your cookies yet?  I do the Best Actor and Actress illustrations every year for Elenis Bakery in New York and its really fun.  This year they have cupcakes as well!

In unrelated news, I’m busy updating my website/portfolio and will have a bunch of new work in the coming months.  Hence the lack of posts here…

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3 Responses to “Oscar Countdown”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Ah, they turned out great! You made Mickey Rourke look good, too. Have to say, glad that Brad Pitt didn’t win that one. I was a little worried.

  2. andothersuchthings Says:

    I totally agree! But have to confess, I didn’t make it that late:)

  3. tsu-mina Says:

    I can believe! Fantastic work an what a nice idea for Italy…

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