I’m still here…

Just up to my eyebrows in Oscar Cookies.  Its that time of year.  

Since Christmas, I haven’t had a big, fun crochet project to work on.  I am working on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself– but that’s not Big.  Ever since looking through Simple Crochet— which I should really just buy already– I’ve been wanting to do a rug or some huge throw pillows.  But lately the cold weather has made me wish for an extra blanket to have around.  That would be big.  

So I’m thinking either a ripple pattern or maybe this one.  I want to use all kinds of white yarn– weights, shades, wool/acrylic etc etc– I’m thinking the color, and the pattern will be the unifying factor.  (I’ve been perusing Etsy for yarn and I’ll post photos when I get some.)

This seems like a relatively stress free project, considering its size. I imagine being able to do while watching a movie, as opposed to being glued to the pattern, avoiding distractions at all costs. Hopefully the different kinds of yarn will make it interesting enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to die of boredom.  That’s the trick for me– finding an easy enough pattern so its fun to do, but with some kind of interesting element so you don’t feel like its taking forever.  Or so you don’t notice that its taking forever.

I also want to try a sweater. But that seems too Big.

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