Handmade Goodies, Part II

Here are some of the stores and sellers I got wonderful gifts from this season.  Going through the list I realize they are not all strictly handmade. But I did try to stick to smaller, cool businesses, for the most part.  

Oh the wonderful Tiny Showcase:

Gorgeous letterpress print, “Goes to Show You What a Moon Can Do 2009 Lunar Calendar”, by Alec Thibodeau for my brother, Will. 

And another letterpress print, “”Homage to the Stamp” by Gavin Potenza:

(I was a smart cookie and ordered early, so we got “A Field Guide to the Stamps of the World” poster as well.  Its pretty sweet.)

Poketo wallet:

This one is part of a series they did in collaboration with 826LA.  It was for my friend Jane, which was perfect as the story on the back features a “girl named Jane…[who]was 18 and lived in New York City.”


The Curatorium is my new favorite store in Providence.  It is filled to the brim with amazing stuff– at all price ranges– and they must change the shop around almost every day, because every time I go, everything is in a completely different place. And I’ve been going a lot.  Here are the highlights:

Bamboo sporks by Bambu made for some great stocking stuffers.

Cardboard Deer Bust for my brother Sam.  Or did I get the moose?  Man, I am really wanting ALL of these.  (You can find them online at PopDeluxe.)

Twig pencils:

Hokusai paper diorama by Tatebanko.com:


It comes packaged flat and actually looks pretty cool even before its cut out and assembled.  From their site: Hokusai himself did “Tatebanko paper sculpture” in those days and we are celebrating this well-known masterpiece with our owninterpretation. Hokusai Tatebanko remix!

Another store I went to a lot is just up the street from The Curatorium: Benefit Street Antiques. (At least I think that’s what its called.  Unfortunately, I am horrible at paying attention to silly things like, um, names.  However I do know its on the corner, and next to Cafe Zog, and across the street from the more hip antique store on Wickenden Street.)  Its one of those stores that looks too pretty and upscale to be able to afford anything in.  And that’s kind of true, but tucked between the gorgeous furniture and sparkly chandeliers, were the coolest treasures. Small paper mache boxes, carved wooden deer figurines, teacups, handkerchiefs…. so fun! Definitely check it out if you’re in the area.  And I did not take pictures of any of it..

And of course a couple of Etsy sellers!  (For all my goings on about  buying handmade etc, you’d think there would have been a long list.  There isn’t a long list because I was a moron and forgot about shipping time. NOT because I don’t have a long list of people I love buying fabulous goods from. SO  I resolve to start earlier this year!  Thanksgiving v Christmas be damned.) 

The hilarious Six Pack temporary Tattoo from Temptuous Tatts :

They are even more hilarious when your brother returns from a party sporting said tattoo. Believe me.

And the gorgeous “Pocket Theater Pop Ups,  Night Journey” by Roadside.

Check out Roadside Projects Blog for more information and inspiration.  She does all kinds of cards, flat prints of her originals, and custom work!  I especially love the family portraits.

Alright back to the perfect drawing-gloomy-day.

2 Responses to “Handmade Goodies, Part II”

  1. Denise Says:

    Hi Gaia
    And I am the very lucky recipient of this quite marvelous creation. I did check out her site as well and now have a bit of an idea how she puts these together, and her fascination with gorgeous papers, composition, storytelling and craftsmanship. I love the special box container and how it is lined with a map, which seems old and of a faraway mist-shrouded place- like Cornwall! With her umbrella and case, making her way very deliberately, she will guide me in my comings and goings!
    Many thanks! lovelovelove Mum

  2. Lazy joe Says:

    I am going to have to sign up to receive your feed. This is good stuff

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