Busy Bees

Yikes its been a little crazy around here.  …Which is nothing new, apparently.  Let’s do some catching up:

The We Are Wizards Theatrical Release was so much fun!  It played at Cinema Village in New York, so we got to take a trip “home” and see everybody.

First we went to a Reading/Book Signing at Barnes & Noble for Melissa’s Harry, a History  (–which is on the New York Times Bestseller’s List!!)  She had us come up afterwards and answer questions about the film.  She even led a group over to one of the screenings, which was pretty sweet of her.  We raced back for the first Q and A, then got to have drinks with friends and family.  (That part of the evening could have used more planning– we ended up in a pretty dive-y bar in the east village with both our moms. Ah well.  They didn’t seem to mind.) Then raced back for the second Q and A.  And then out again for more fun.  Then sleep.  Finally.

 Anyhow, WAW played all week, ( and got a New York Times review!) and now the DVD’s are available for Pre-Order!  Yay! 

We spent the rest of the week at home catching up on work and planning for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Plates, check.  Turkey, check.  platters to put food on… uh… 

We spent last weekend with old friends. Mostly cooking and eating. The best way to spend a weekend.  

And now we’re back, trying to get it all together for Thanksgiving for real.  Hang up art, rearrange furniture, do some cooking ahead of time, pick up the turkey (from the Turkey Farm!) tonight, clean up, make our apartment pretty!  yada yada. 

In the midst of all this, the Mister and Saulie, aka The Possessed One, got to have some quiet time together:

They actually sat like this for a good 45 minutes before she tried to bite anyone.  

We’re getting there.

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