Cricket Thursday #4

This weeks Cricket is from 1989.  And almost every page looks familiar!

Cricket Magazine, January 1989, Volume 16 number 5.  The cover is by Margot Zemach:

I remember thinking this cartoon was funny.  

My siblings and cousins and I, spent many a rainy day sliding down the stairs in various ways. Inevitably, one of us would end in tears. 

General MacTiger, who is always “dignified and stately:” 

“By George, what a remarkable case of stripelessness! I must get to the bottom of it.”


From “Gran’s Fabulous Kitchen,” by Ruskin Bond. Illustrated by Cat Bowman Smith:

Her illustrations are so familiar and comfy to me.  Growing up I read so many books illustrated by her. And looking at these, I get such a nice warm feeling.

My favorite illustrations from this one are from “Bear Watch,” and are illustrated by Ted Lewin.  When Gita’s father becomes sick she takes over in the bear-watch hut, guarding their corn-field from the black Himalayan bears all night.  

“Then she picked up the gun, pointed it toward the corn-field, and practiced sighting down the long barrel.  She sighed a little, wondering if she’d know how to shoot.”

When a bear appears, her gun doesn’t work.  Gita is terrified until she spies the lids from her supper. Banging and yelling she frightens the bear away and the corn is saved.  

What a great spread, right?  That pink is the third color throughout the magazine. Man, good choice.  

Also looks gorgeous here in the illustrations by Hillary Knight:

Funny how I would never think of Hillary Knight if I saw these before.  I just think Hillary Knight= “Eloise.” Of which I am a long time, huge fan of.  But now that I know, they seem so similar.  And so obviously his.

I remember making these sari’s:  

I’m also pretty sure I remember wanting to be that cute blond girl, second from the right.  She was so cute and cool and it seemed so easy. Probably because she had pierced ears. And an anklet.


More images at Flickr!

One Response to “Cricket Thursday #4”

  1. pegfussell Says:

    Oh these are wonderful! I especially love the Hillary Knight illustrations. I’m enjoying Cricket Thursdays so much.

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