My sister and I were supposed to spend the weekend in Martha’s Vineyard visiting our Aunt. Unfortunately our Aunt was feeling not so great, so, much to everyone’s disappointment, the trip was postponed.  Happily the weekend was redeemed by a trip to the farmer’s market –during which flowers were purchased, a massage, an overnight visit from my sister, then Sunday brunch with all of us, plus a friend, ending with a dinner of grilled burgers and apple bread. Then I worked until 1 am, but never mind that.

Ok, so not as great as Martha’s Vineyard, but pretty darn good.


Aren’t those flowers pretty?  I love the woman from the nursery who sells them. She always finds an excuse to throw in one for free– ” Those petals look a little bent,” or “You look so serious picking out flowers– have this one!”  I appreciate it.  And I am serious picking out flowers.  

My massage included cupping on the advice of the masseuse, who was concerned about the tightness of my neck and shoulders.  What do you do? she asked. In some sick way, I was glad my back was so messed up she seemed worried.  –I always feel guilty spending money on a massage. But apparently I don’t get them enough!  Which means I get to get them more!  My sister’s New Years resolution last year was to get a massage every month.  Which is such a great resolution in so many ways.  I should adopt it.  

Back to cupping. I’d never done it before.   “It might leave a slight red mark for a day or two.”  Um.  It looks like I got it on with a bottom feeder fish.  (Or, as my sister said, like someone hit me with a baseball bat.)  Then she said “…Oh some celebrity got it and then wore some backless dress to the Emmys and made a big fuss.  Who was it..?”  I was too embarrassed to say I knew exactly was she was talking about: Gwyneth Paltrow. NY film premiere.  Strapless top.  I feigned ignorance.  Anyhow, It felt great.  And its cold, so scarves should take care of it.  No problem.  

On the work front, I finished the animation project I’ve been working on!  I’ll post some stills as soon as its approved by the client!

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