I haven’t mentioned it, but we have a newcomer in our house.  Due to circumstances involving exgirlfriends and pounds, we now have a new kitty to add to our ever growing feline family.  

So now there are three.  

It has occurred to me that this now means we’re crazy cat people.  But after complaining about this, The Mister assured me that once we get a dog, we’ll just be crazy animal people.  Which sounds better to both of us.  Needless to say welcoming a new dog will have to be put off until our current growing pains simmer down.  This might take a while.  Our new little lady is the prickly type.  

In related crazy cat people news, we put up cat shelves!


What else were we going to do with those high ceilings?  Its almost like a kitty habitrail…

You may have noticed that we put up the shelves before any other decorating.  And its true– it looks a little sparse.  But we’re working on it.

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