Weekend Reminisce

We had such a good weekend.  Well, Sunday anyway.  Saturday was a lot of cleaning and putting away.  (Yes, still.) But Sunday:  Yummy (though a bit monochromatic) breakfast!  Homemade playdough! A walk through a seaside bird sanctuary! Antique stores!  Then home to a yummy dinner, the beginnings a crocheted necklace and some Coupling watching!  Such a good day.

The playdough is part of a gift package I’m working on for two little girls back in Brooklyn, who I miss miss miss.


 I took the advice of several of the comments on the Apartment Therapy site and used boiling water instead of cooking the whole thing on the stove.  My water to flour measurements may have been off– I wasn’t being too careful– but it was too wet at first.  But this was solved by micro-waving batches for a minute at a time. ( Still probably easier than cooking the whole thing on the stove?)  Then as they cooled I kneaded in the colors.  The other tip was adding lotion!  Sounds weird, but surely this was the secret ingredient.  And make sure to add more than you think– ie 5 Tablespoons was not going overboard.  Not only does my playdough smell lovely, but it stays soft for hours– I know, I left an extra bit out all day.

My camera died a few steps  into the bird sanctuary walk, but I got a few shots in.  


Man, it was so gorgeous.  This is one of the things I want to take advantage of while living here.  Its hard to believe this spot is just 20 minutes away from our Providence neighborhood. 


 I can’t wait to find more lovely spots like this one.

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