I probably should have posted about these before the conventions…But…I didn’t.  Never-the-less: the drawings I did of the Presidential Candidates for Eleni’s bakery in New York, are now on sale as cookies!


For the last six Oscar seasons, I’ve done drawings of the Best Actor/Actress nominees for their “Conversation Series” cookies.  This is one of my favorite jobs to do every year, so it was really fun to get to do these as well!

I always send my grandmother a box of them, and I think she was excited to have these for the convention.  The cookies themselves, besides their obvious novelty factor, are quite tasty–perfect little sugar cookies, with the images printed on sugar paper, which melts in your mouth…

So head on over and pick out your favorite candidate, or maybe his rival?– Then you can really bite into them!  Yum!


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2 Responses to “Cookies!”

  1. rifferaff Says:

    ha! these are awesome!

  2. I’m still here… « …and Other Such Things Says:

    […] still here… By andothersuchthings Just up to my eyebrows in Oscar Cookies.  Its that time of year. […]

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