We Made It!


We’re here!  At first I really didn’t think we could fill this place up– I mean after living in relatively tiny Brooklyn apartments (give or take those few lofts) for the last 11 years– how much stuff could we have?  But after today’s trip to Lowes, Kmart and my parent’s attic and basement, I’ve decided I’m never moving again.  Seriously.  If I have to lug one more heavy piece of awkward furniture up that flight of stairs…  

The unpacking is still going on.  And the settling in. But its getting there. 

Things I like about my new neighborhood:

• There’s a park!  (With a dog park where I can bring my imaginary dog. and a farmer’s market!!) 

• The little store around the corner has great sandwiches, and the New York Times, and is helping with the Brooklyn bodega withdrawl.

• There are TREES!  My desk faces a window now and I keep looking out into leaves…

• We have a huge apartment and happily that translates into a huge studio/workspace for me!

• There’s a window seat!

• There’s a community garden next door!

Things I don’t like so much…

• Where is the subway? Driving is a pain.  Though having a humongous mini van to borrow did come in handy today .

• Did you know that the Sunday NY Times does not have the NY real estate section?? Whaa? But why not?? I found myself sputtering.  Surely it is not only the New Yorkers actually in the city that find all those stories fascinating.  There must be other displaced New Yorkers who mysteriously are attached to that section as well?  very upsetting.  

• I can’t really get a fix on how safe this neighborhood is.  Its certainly prettier than I’m used to…There have been conflicting comments from neighbors as to the safety of walking around at night.  Can you do that by yourself?  I think feeling this out is kind of part of settling in and becoming more familiar with everything.

• Our apartment is riddled with screws and left over nails from the last tenants.  On the other hand, I guess that means I can add as many as I want of my own.

• The back and front stairwells of the house badly need vacuuming.  Frankly, there are a bunch of little things like that.  Its an old house, the owner isn’t here, the “super” seems to be really busy.  None of it is a huge problem, more just basic upkeep.  Is this the sort of thing we do ourselves? Or just let go? Or actually be those people who complain about a lot of (albeit warranted) stuff right after they move in? sigh…

I’ll post some apartment pics soon.

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