Nest Update

I think I’ve redeemed my Nest project.  It wasn’t going so well.  But I found this pattern on, which I love.  And its actually looking good.  Its basically a paper chain you used to make when you were a kid, but with yarn.  And because I’m using such bulky yarn, it looks more like a braid than a chain.  I love that.  I’m really excited about it.

Whoops! I wrote that in the middle of July and thought I posted it.  I was probably waiting until I had some images to go along with it.  And now I do!

Anyhow.  I finished it:


And I think it looks great.  Its too short to tie, ( its a scarf-lette after all,) but you just take one end and tuck it through one of the loops and you’re all set to go.  Actually I think its nice its not too long– this way it keeps you warm without getting in the way.  I hope it makes someone happy.  I’m going to try my hand at a cowl hood again and then send them off to Nest.

The pattern is by torirot design.  Besides this one, she has lots of other great patterns on Ralvery— check out those lizard mittens!

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