Back to Brooklyn

I’m back in Brooklyn, finally.  And its good to be back…?  Well, its wonderful to see my kitties, who were so happy to see me again they practically licked my arm off.  But it is hot here in Brooklyn.  And that’s a little ugh.  And a little sticky.  

So I was very lucky to have spent the last two weeks in Vermont!  The first preparing for a wedding and the second enjoying  it.  My sister, the lovely Faith, and her lovely husband-of-one-year, Bruno, finally got around to actually having a wedding!  And it was absolutely wonderful and amazing.  

On the work front things have been great.  I finished character designs for an animated web-game and got to do an illustration of Hillary and Barack (yep, we’re on a first name basis.)  It seems I have more political illustrations coming up.  I really enjoy doing portraits, so I’m happy about that.  I also have a couple of flash animations for in the works.  This lady is keeping busy!  Which is how I like it.  Anyhow I’ll post images here once I get the go ahead.

On a very sad note, amidst the festivities I seem to have lost my camera.  This is certainly going to put a kink in things.  I’m hoping it will turn up still.  But if not, I’ll have to cut my losses and just get a new one. ugh.


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