Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

Hello IF readers!  Hope you’re having fun with the subject I picked out…

Does anyone like Naked Mole Rats besides me? Anyone?… No?  Well, that’s too bad.  Yes, they are a little gross, like anyone would be without any fur and just lots of wrinkly skin.  But they can do all kinds of cool stuff– like move backwards just as fast as forwards, chew through almost anything– even concrete. And they have special blood that processes oxygen so well that they don’t need much of it.  They live in colonies and have a queen, similar to bees.

Are you in love yet?  

If not, you should watch Errol Moris’ Fast, Cheap and Out of Control.  


And then you’ll understand what you’ve been missing.  




6 Responses to “Illustration Friday: Wrinkles”

  1. tanaudel Says:

    A great topic – and a great picture! Very lively:)

  2. studio lolo Says:

    Yikes! It goes to show you there’s beauty in everything 🙂

  3. Jim Says:

    Very cool…a challenging topic, too.

  4. conniemartin Says:

    Fun topic. Can’t say I’m terribly attracted to the idea of adopting a naked mole rat but yours is a good drawing.

  5. Brine Blank Says:

    And they taste great with barbeque sauce on toasted bread…great color use on this and like the pose…really jumps out at you…just what you want from a naked mole rat…

  6. pegfussell Says:

    Wonderful wrinkly drawing. I love the color. Those mole rats are something! Their teeth kinda scare me…. a lot.

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