This weekend was all about cleaning and organizing

Yep this weekend I forced myself to tackle projects I’ve been putting off for a while.  Like our disgusting shower.  It’s now sparking clean.  Like the over-stuffed bulletin boards above my desk.  There were slips of paper tacked on there from two years ago.  Two years.  Anyhow that now has a nice new goal system complete with due dates, just so I have all the projects I’m working on in one place:

organized organized2

  I considered a large wall calendar, but decided that would just take up a lot of space and mostly be a waste of paper. Besides I have a day planner/calendar that runs my life and having another, larger version seemed extraneous.  Anyhow we’ll see how this works.  I also solved the annoying “printer and paper” problem: my printer is on one shelf I can reach from my desk, the paper was below it, but out of reach, and when I did get up and walk around, getting to the paper I needed always involved much wrestling.  I thought about putting up wall shelves.  ugh. Something I hate to do.  But happily discovered that with some shifting of books, I could replace the paper in a handier spot.  And my books look quite cute too: 

 books organized

2 Responses to “This weekend was all about cleaning and organizing”

  1. Lila Freeman Says:

    yr so cute i wish we still lived together somehow. yr so good at making things look good, i still remember what you had on yr wall above yr top bunk freshman year of college. and our kitchen in 455 – a breathtakingly successful collaboration, IMHO!

  2. Sweetie Bracelet Says:

    we use big wall calendars on our offices, big wall calendars are easier to read .*”

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