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This weekend was all about cleaning and organizing

January 28, 2008

Yep this weekend I forced myself to tackle projects I’ve been putting off for a while.  Like our disgusting shower.  It’s now sparking clean.  Like the over-stuffed bulletin boards above my desk.  There were slips of paper tacked on there from two years ago.  Two years.  Anyhow that now has a nice new goal system complete with due dates, just so I have all the projects I’m working on in one place:

organized organized2

  I considered a large wall calendar, but decided that would just take up a lot of space and mostly be a waste of paper. Besides I have a day planner/calendar that runs my life and having another, larger version seemed extraneous.  Anyhow we’ll see how this works.  I also solved the annoying “printer and paper” problem: my printer is on one shelf I can reach from my desk, the paper was below it, but out of reach, and when I did get up and walk around, getting to the paper I needed always involved much wrestling.  I thought about putting up wall shelves.  ugh. Something I hate to do.  But happily discovered that with some shifting of books, I could replace the paper in a handier spot.  And my books look quite cute too: 

 books organized

Last weekend was all about good friends and good food

January 28, 2008

Last weekend we went up to Providence.  Not only is it so nice to get out of Brooklyn every once and a while, but Providence is such a nice destination.  But we were no slackers on our “vacation” weekend that’s for sure.  We packed in visits with friends, an afternoon at the Atheneum Library, a screening of Juno, lots of food outings, a cookout and even a trip to the YMCA.  

One of the highlights was getting to explore Nina’s textile studio at RISD, which also involved a trip to the “yarn room”: 

 yarn room yarn room2 

It was amazing. Colors and textures everywhere.  Fabric and string and buttons and looms.  The best part was we got to touch everything.  Almost everything.  I even got some fluffy silver yarn from Nina’s stash.   

Did I mention we ate really well that weekend?  Besides the dinner we made at my parents house, which was pretty impressive– hamburgers, hotdogs, assorted veggies grilled outside, plus salads etc–and the bagel and lox brunch we had with Alissa and Gretchen, and the Meeting Street Cafe cookies Gerald and Skip picked up for us, we went to two great restaurants.  The first was this little place on Benefit Street, Solomon’s Korean Market, and the other was far down Atwells Ave, west side territory, called Chilangos. Both were pretty cheap, the food was great and you got tons of it.  And on the way to catch the bus home, my Dad was kind enough to wait in the car while we ran into Geoff’s, the sandwich eatery of my childhood.  I’m happy to report that not much has changed, though the pickles seemed smaller and the staff considerably nicer. 

Oh Providence, you are so good to me.  Sigh….

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